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In particular, the three world records set by Guo Zizhao at the World Championships in Rome this time have made everyone admire.This time, just for the three year commercial contract, the club can be allocated 30 every year, which is about 8 million.The 95 point super god state that is also rare Your sister, I don t know if my evaluation of Bolt some time ago stimulated the other party, which made this guy super explosive today.Secondly, don t forget that there will be the Berlin World Championships this year If I changed my seven step hurdle training earlier this year, if I didn t succeed in the reform, wouldn t it be a delay in this World Championship Although if he succeeded, he would have even greater hopes of winning the World Championships, but after comprehensive consideration, Oliver decided to postpone his CBD Products & Immunity seven step hurdle training.There were some problems with the time body and was finally abandoned by the brokerage company.And internationally select some athletes to add fresh blood to the club.But in the next year, I estimate that Merritt s results will not be much worse than the current Robles It s even possible to be stronger Heh This time, it s Song Ping s turn to take a breath I ll go even better than Robles today Isn t it the ability to run within 12 seconds and 90 minutes Damn I didn t expect Merritt, a sick child, to have such great potential I agreed to Guo Zizhao s signing of Merritt at the beginning because of Guo Zizhao s persuasion that if he could train Merritt, the sick child Come out, you can greatly expand the club s international influence.

As soon as he took office, he was facing the test CBD Oil for Sale of this year s World Swimming Championships in Rome, so How Develope Your Own Cbd Products the head coach Yao Zhengli Provacan CBD Oil also felt a lot of pressure Guo Zizhao, let s not say anything more.To completely change physical fitness, long term special training and body conditioning are necessary.After all, Xie Wenjun s current momentum of progress is very strong, and coupled with the support of Sun Haiquan s deputy head coach, once Xie Wenjun is in the position, it will be difficult to want him down in the future Everyone is in How Much Cbd Oil Should I Take Daily the system The internal mixed players understand this very well.Moreover, Guo Zizhao does not intend to use any equipment in this finals.It s just that after Guo Zizhao s madly breaking human limit, people are lacking in interest in these two games.I hope Zhang Lin can lay down his burden CBD Oil for Sale in tomorrow night s game and hit the gold medal again in the men s 800 meter freestyle final However, when the head coach Yao Zhengli looked up and saw the final results on the big screen, the Agape Cbd calmness that was just now was immediately thrown out of the sky.

It has swept the top three men s 100 meter sprints in one fell swoop I m going to although the country The team s Wen Yongyi and Hu Kai did not participate this time, but Lu Bing, CBD Oil for Sale Liang Jiahong, Su Bingtian, and veteran Chen Haijian are all coming Unexpectedly, this time, the Shuchuan team would still have an absolute advantage In Where In Dc Can I Barter For Cbd Oil particular, Zhang Peimeng s current 100m performance is estimated to be on par with Wen Yongyi Lao Yi s Texas Cbd Oil Law current results are probably comparable to Hu Kai Tsk tusk tusk These two disciples of Guo Zizhao are really incredible And, apart from Zhang Peimeng and Lao Yi, the four young players Yihualong, Liang Jiahong, Lu Bing and Su Bingtian all ran excellent results within 10 seconds and 30 seconds.In my heart, but in the semifinals, this guy s 1 minute 43.Immediately afterwards, Bolt was still lagging behind in the start and acceleration, and he drove past Zhang Peimeng in big strides.Before, don t participate too much in the competition If you really run so hard in every game, you will have to get injured in a few games Tsk tusk tusk After the Cbd Careers Uae meeting is over, let the Cbd Oil For Hashimotos team doctor press it for me Alas I really miss the massage and acupuncture methods in the Guo Ge Club That s so sour, it really works In addition to Shi Dongpeng, Merritt also looked at Shi Dongpeng s results with bright eyes, hehe isn t it just the seven step hurdle technique But the boss said that after one year of training, he can also practice seven steps to the hurdle Haha The boss s seven step hurdles technique is the most authentic seven step hurdle technique At that time, my grades will be greatly improved Breaking through the 13 second mark is no longer a dream and Trammel looked at Shi Provacan CBD Oil Dongpeng also full of envy, alas you are so young If I were 3 or 5 years younger, I would improve this seven step hurdle technique It s just a pity I m already in my early 30s, and I can t stand this kind of toss anymore.Not to mention in the last life, when he was in the national youth Does Cbd Oil Help With Psychosis team, Shi Dongpeng was slightly better than Liu Feifei It s just that Liu Feifei, who was later in his last life, soaring into the sky, not only far surpassed Shi Dongpeng in terms of strength and fame, even coach Sun Is Cbd An Antibiotic Haiquan also secured Sol Cbd the position of deputy head coach of the national track and field team.Hu Kai is like this, so is Liu Feifei It s all because of some interest competition between coaches, which makes the relationship between my life and the idols of my previous life become a bit awkward.

This year, he is just laying the foundation for Zhang Peimeng, but with Zhang Best CBD Oils for Sleep Full Spectrum CBD Oil Peimeng s current physical attributes, his strength is already It s almost the same as the peak period of his last life Moreover, Zhang Peimeng s current physical condition and game state are at least one level higher than in his previous life Tsk tusk tusk I hope that Zhang Peimeng really is Provacan CBD Oil in this world championships.Based on the physical test data of all the trainees, plus Guo Zizhao s What Are The Compounds In Cbd Oil observations through the Advanced Real Eyes skill As a result, Guo Zizhao once again began to formulate this training plan for each athlete, and then assisted in the implementation by various assistant coaches.However, the real reason Guo Zizhao is hard to Cbd Oil California say.Even the amazing results of Bolt, Guy and Powell, etc.If there is another gold medal to start, CBD Oil for Sale then the top three positions of the Chinese team s gold medal list must be secured Tonight, let s take a look at the performance of the men s relay team It s just that what everyone didn t expect was that in the preliminaries of Cbd Oil How Long Do Effects Last the women s 4x100m sprint relay that just started tonight, the US team had another one with everyone.Similarly, the IAAF hopes so This year, because the World Athletics Championships were held in Berlin, Germany, the IAAF Finals was changed from Stuttgart, Germany to Thessaloniki, Greece.

As for the disciple, as for when the powerful advanced straight sprint skills will be passed on to Zhang Peimeng, Guo Zizhao thinks that we should wait for a while We can t be too anxious After Zhang Peimeng is selected as the inheritance disciple, CBD Products & Immunity his various attributes will change.Since they have to face this level sooner or later, it is better to give them a chance now It s just the preliminaries.According to the gossip within the national team, as early as a year ago, Guo Zizhao said that Liu Feifei s body was in danger.Moreover, what made Robles even more depressed was that after the game, he felt an unbearable tingling in his thigh and ankle.At that time, with the top international results of Zhang Peimeng and Lao Yi, coupled with the Xiaoqiang of the two national teams, I will not believe that the Jamaican team can t be beaten Hum If it doesn t work, I ll take Yi Hualong as an outer disciple.Moreover, Shi Dongpeng will be 25 years old next year, and his age is not much different from Liu Feifei Oh it CBD Products & Immunity s just a medal at most Feng Shuyong was also a little disappointed, but still nodded, Ah but this is not bad, at least there is a stable player with the strength to hit medals.

Of course, in this level of Grand Prix, Guo Zizhao does not need to participate in too many events, just choose a 110 meter hurdle, mainly to warm up with the students.In that case, can he pick up the 400 meter sprint again when that time comes When the Tian Tan was stirred up by Guo Zizhao s words, Guo Zizhao and his party quietly arrived in Rome, the capital of Italy, the next day.With the 98 point dexterity attribute blessing, Bolt also drove all the way on the curve, following Guo Zizhao, almost the front and back feet turned from the curve into the straight.Guo Zizhao took his disciples Zhang Peimeng and Lao Yi for Cbd Md Coupon the first time in the international arena.Like Bolt today, although he is now The various attributes of the are also very strong, even the previous Best CBD Oils for Sleep Full Spectrum CBD Oil general endurance attributes have reached the international first class level of 90 points, but these attributes are only reflected in the two projects of 100 meters and 200 meters.From the start of running together, Zhang Peimeng used all his energy.

That s great What made Guo Zizhao even more happy was that in this preliminaries, Zhang Peimeng and Lao Yi Wholesale Cbd Oil Suppliers actually triggered the passive skills of the two relay races of One Heart and Unity of One Heart I m going In the How Many Mg Of Cbd Edibles Should I Take case of two inner disciples participating in the competition, there is a 50 chance that these two passive skills can be triggered If this is used well, it Provacan CBD Oil can completely improve the relay performance by 0.But just after winning the men s relay yesterday, a system prompt sounded in Guo Zizhao s mind, but Guo Zizhao immediately felt confident Congratulations to the host, Zhang Peimeng s loyalty value has reached 90 points, which meets the requirements for inherited disciple , the host can activate the inherited disciple function at any time Chapter 752 Sturdy inheritance disciple function Inheritance disciple The sound of the system also gave Guo Zizhao an unexpected surprise.So far, Guo Zizhao has discovered that his 10 outer disciples and 5 inner disciples in the future are the main players in earning experience points for himself After the end of last year s Olympics, his experience value was only 4,000 points.Robles also nodded depressed, First take care of the injury.But Merritt is different With the top physique of black people, coupled with Guo Zizhao s meticulous training, maybe after one or two years, Merritt may pose a threat to himself and Oils For Pain others I rely on Merritt is a blessing in disguise Now, the only hope is that Merritt has kidney disease.It s just that after 4 months, Yi Jing s health value dropped from 82 points when he left the training camp to 67 points now I m going By the time I am in poor health This is another guy with injuries Guo Zizhao couldn t help but shook his head again, alas Coach Wu Feng and Yi Jing, two guys, finished I didn t take my warnings to heart at all How Much Cbd In Weed Toss around like this, I am not afraid of ruining my career Chapter 735 When Guo Zizhao secretly complained about the promotion, the system suddenly said, Actually, at this point, you are a little wrong to blame Coach Wu Feng and Yi Jing.

He is a veteran in the bar, but he is still very good in starting and short distance explosiveness, so he has always been one of CBD Oil for Sale the main substitutes for the Cbd Oil Vs Rso US team in Best CBD Oils for Sleep Full Spectrum CBD Oil the first bar.While slowing down Merritt s How To Separate Coconut Oil From Cbd strength CBD Products & Immunity improvement, we must also cultivate Merritt s competitors.Still Zhang Peimeng and Lao Yi participated in the 100 meter sprint and Merritt s 110 meter hurdle, and Guo Zizhao participated in the 400 meter dash.Therefore, the results this time did not reflect the power of these two skills too much.If you want to go this way, then you can only come to our club.What makes Robes even more Cbd Oil And Prescription Withdrawals depressed is that this guy Oliver hasn t changed the seven step hurdle technique.

And Yuan Guosheng, the coach of Liang Jiahong and Su Bingtian, revealed a burst of joy in his eyes, hehe This Cbd Oil For Hair And Skin time, both of my disciples were Cbd Rick Simpson Oil selected for the relay team.In the future, as long as he manages the intensity of Where Can I Buy Cbd Oil Plant Seeds Kratora How To Use Cbd Oil training and competition well, he will still be able to run again within 13 seconds When Guo Zizhao s words fell, Wu Feng and The highest quality Yi Jing were even Smart Organics Cbd Oil 315 Mg more depressed.After nearly a year of hard work, Powell s skills attributes finally do.In the first day of selection, the personal strength and potential of a tall young player immediately attracted Guo Zizhao s attention.Among Provacan CBD Oil these 9 attributes, the physical Provacan CBD Oil attribute has 90 points, reaching the world class level the 7 strength , speed , agility , stamina , precision , jumping and skills Attributes, all have Cbd Oil Webmd reached CBD Oil for Sale the super abnormal level of 97 points the spiritual attribute is a little lower, and has just reached the international level of 85 points, but with the special skill blessing of defying the world , it is also very powerful According to the Pure CBD Products rules of the system, the remaining attribute points after one s inheritance cannot be lower than the attributes of the sports tycoon system when he was just reborn.They all Provacan CBD Oil served as Plus Cbd Oil Gummies the first bar of the Chinese relay team, but they did not achieve their personal strength and cooperation.

No wonder Guo Zizhao is about to retire Everyone shook their heads helplessly when they thought of this, oh Is this the so called master style, after hitting the world s invincible hand, he will return to the mountain forest While everyone was still yy, the women of the Chinese swimming Highland Pharmacy Cbd Oil team who came on the field Cbd Broad Spectrum joined hands to present a wonderful relay battle for everyone.Tomorrow morning will be your preliminaries for the 200m freestyle.You re right The solution can only be made from two aspects.So this time, Yang Hua also joined Yang Yang s father and brought Yang Yang to participate in this selection, hoping The highest quality that an Olympic or World Championship sprint champion can come out of his own home The highest quality Thank you for your support After learning about Yang Yang Ananda Apothecary Cbd s situation, Guo Zizhao laughed happily, Haha Don t worry, Yang Yang s talent is not much worse than that of CBD Products & Immunity Zhang Is Cbd Oil Legal In Mn Pei Cbd Healing Salve today.This is a bit unsafe Cbd Isolate Canada If it is not stimulated by the finals of the top international competitions, the relay team s performance will drop by at least 0. Coach Feng Shuyong and Mai Shaoqiang also almost knelt.

Professional and expensive How To Find Reliable Cbd Oil high tech swimsuits are just the choice of top professional athletes.There were really two brushes But this time, with Lao Tzu, no matter how Bolt broke out To no avail Hey As for Guy, although his current strength and state are also very good, he is still not enough in front of the explosion of Bolt Powerful advanced stride running shoes equip Laozi Today We must let everyone see how Lao Tzu broke through this human limit speed Set huh With a gunshot, all the players rushed out in an instant.However, when the first group of players appeared on the stage, Cbd Oil Dosage For Autism the audience all began to exclaim.Bolt was Best CBD Oils for Sleep Full Spectrum CBD Oil even more powerful, breaking his personal best record with a score of 9.Even The highest quality the top players like Gay were surprised after seeing the performance of Zhang Peimeng and others, Boss, your two disciples are making rapid progress.But this CBD Products & Immunity time, both Guy and Bolt broke out in an excellent competitive state from the very beginning, and began a performance that made everything jaw dropping Among them, the most exciting performance is of course our King of Speed Guo Zizhao Push the ground speed up At the moment when the gunshot sounded, Guo Zizhao, who was fully absorbed, rushed out like a cheetah.

Zhang Peimeng not only entered the 100 meter final with Guo Zizhao, but also successfully broke the 10 second mark.

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